X-Plorer for the iPhone

The old version of X-Plorer on the iPhone.

X-Plorer works best as a cross platform game, and this time we're going to do it right by making the new X-Plorer available to the public on the iPhone 5, iPad, and other devices. Previously you have to tilt the phone to walk. For the new X-Plorer, we'll be setting up a button system for walking and viewing your inventory. We are also hoping to tie the game into Game Center.

X-Plorer will work on both Apple products such as the iMac, Mac laptops, mobile platforms such as iPhone and iPad, and will also be available for Windows computers, not to mention an online/downloadable demo version and other products new to the market.

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Asset Creation #1

Creating X-Plorer assets is always fun because each asset has the theme of the X-Plorer show Jacobi is on. Each asset should look like it was placed there to advertise a product. This particular cereal box was made for Jacobi's "victuals" box, which is packed with essential food items, designed to create many different meals with nothing but a pan, a pot, water and heat. One of the first assets we created was the "Wild Crunch" cereal, which plays an important part in a certain puzzle in the game. I made the box art look like it was based off the tv show, and I even put the promise of a prize on the back.

Well, thanks for reading the first of many behind the scenes posts about asset creation in X-Plorer!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.


Welcome to the new X-Plorer blog, where we at Action Clock Games showcase our new adventure puzzle game X-Plorer!

X-Plorer is a action packed story driven puzzle game that begins when Jacobi Hunter, host of the television show "X-Plorer" is trapped in a temple, where he must use his wits to outthink the person that trapped him inside and rescue his film crew, who mysteriously disappeared.

Look for behind the scenes posts, trailers, screenshots and more coming soon!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.